Sony's New Ultra Flagship Smartphone...

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The Sony Xperia PRO is one of the most capable and expensive flagship smartphones I've ever featured on Unbox Therapy.
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Reynard Cleofe
Reynard Cleofe יום לפני
the great sony!!ever....
John lacey
John lacey 2 ימים לפני
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Brahim Lokrisio
Brahim Lokrisio 2 ימים לפני
The trash Companies like Samsung and iphone and chinese companies they have stop calling their phones a pro , they've be ashamed
Heart Stone108
Heart Stone108 3 ימים לפני
The best review!
Love Life
Love Life 5 ימים לפני
Are you in Batmans workshop? : )
Teron Cherry
Teron Cherry 7 ימים לפני
Is Mark from Long Island watch your brother?
Where We Went
Where We Went 9 ימים לפני
Anyone still using Xperia XA1 ULTRA dual ?. It is amazing too.
Where We Went
Where We Went 9 ימים לפני
If I buy it, I will be like a dog owning an unbroken coconut.
👨🏻‍💻 13 ימים לפני
No one will buy this phone, and if they do please lemme know who they are so I can punch them in the face 😂
Jackobush Pietter Alexander Lapu
Jackobush Pietter Alexander Lapu 14 ימים לפני
Patrick Pierre
Patrick Pierre 14 ימים לפני
watching this on my Xperia 1 Mk II
Nihal Kondkari
Nihal Kondkari 15 ימים לפני
Damn that camera quality ❤🤞🏽
Alex Flynn
Alex Flynn 15 ימים לפני
Hey brah my phone has the word 'pro' in it's name so that means I'm skilled or something right
Javis Javis
Javis Javis 16 ימים לפני
Sony Xperia the unsung definition of premium Android Phones
MJK 16 ימים לפני
in somehow you reminded me of Tyrion Lannister, I guess because of your camera lens?
david Gk
david Gk 19 ימים לפני
Sony make a phone like a Camera. But they forget its just a smartphone!!! 4000 mah battery?? i dont think its will have a good battery life. and this price ??? lol
ProCoreTv 21 יום לפני
Matt Sivad
Matt Sivad 21 יום לפני
Lou put the sim in already and daily this beast and get back to us in a few weeks with real-world user intel from a pro ILpostr standpoint.
Muhammad Asif Khan
Muhammad Asif Khan 22 ימים לפני
16.30 Background music is used by ice cream vendors in Pakistan 😁😁😁😁
Fl1x 24 ימים לפני
good boi at 21:25
NEO VLOGS SL 24 ימים לפני
Bro try Xperia Pro or Xperia 1 mark 2 manual mod fully manual furcation no auto focus use manual focus u can see amazing clear and better details
Eduardo Pagani
Eduardo Pagani 24 ימים לפני
Sony hit the sweet spot. Great specs, IP rating and they kept the 3.5 mm jack, expandable memory and the charger!!!!! This is my next phone.
ZeRAuJ 24 ימים לפני
I like this combination of Pro Phone and Pro Camera. Hopefully the price can be adjusted at some point. 25 ימים לפני
Amazing Work 👍
Sparkes 25 ימים לפני
I wanna pull focus with this beast
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker 25 ימים לפני
I can play ps5 on the xperia pro lol
technofreak 25 ימים לפני
As a camera nerd - this is so fucking hot.
Jonathan Moreno
Jonathan Moreno 25 ימים לפני
And here I thought sony is going to give us a cheap but durable pro camera phone (1 gen behind specs wise to make it cheap) but instead they went to another direction straight downhill. What's the point buying a 2500$ camera phone and use it as attachment for your camera.... Sony going crazy.. They should end the phone market, they sucked at it!
wtf mrb
wtf mrb 25 ימים לפני
Man... I love Sony phones. Currently on the 1 mk ll The Pro is just phone porn at this point
Tia Hoffman
Tia Hoffman 25 ימים לפני
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Bryan Black
Bryan Black 26 ימים לפני
makes the normal camera screen look pathetic....... maybe they should work on having awesome screens built into the camer.
Matthew Hensley
Matthew Hensley 26 ימים לפני
Just what I thought a really great smartphone from a huge brand that everyone is familiar with and no one will buy
himanshu kumarsambhav
himanshu kumarsambhav 27 ימים לפני
24.99 $
mike lacey
mike lacey 27 ימים לפני
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black dynamite
black dynamite 27 ימים לפני
Im on the xperia 1 and i am waiting for the Mark 3! The 1 is still going strong after almost 2 years. The phone has no issues what so ever! When are they introducing the Mark 3? Does anyone have any idea?!
Shane House
Shane House 27 ימים לפני
Still the highest screen res. of a phone available in north america. But not the highest refresh rate of a phone in north america which is 144hz & 160hz refresh rate
honeykubbe 27 ימים לפני
Cannot beat Samsung
Kingtrav392 28 ימים לפני
Can I do this with a iphone
Ha3550 29 ימים לפני
Wow, a charger in a premium product!
Greg D
Greg D חודש לפני
They will snap this up in Asia.. 2500 is np for anyone who buys real cameras.. zillions in Asia..
Orang Ganteng
Orang Ganteng חודש לפני
Watching on my XZ Premium 🔥
Beej Avisado
Beej Avisado חודש לפני
For an ungrateful brat, Samsung and iPhone For a Professional, SONY! ~ END OF STORY ~
Shan Naqvi
Shan Naqvi חודש לפני
i will buy the dslr after watching this
Nurul Loves Sia&Eunji
Nurul Loves Sia&Eunji חודש לפני
Best phone worst design
English with Mr. Sam
English with Mr. Sam חודש לפני
I could call your video “Pro” too it seems!
I NZ-J חודש לפני
worthless phone from sony
PC Gamer
PC Gamer חודש לפני
If I had enough money not to care about that price tag, yep, that'd be my phone.
mec 77VNR
mec 77VNR חודש לפני
Pro ok but design horrible
DLuna חודש לפני
*I need this and I need it now*
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal חודש לפני
Pramod 😂😂😂
Black Octopus
Black Octopus חודש לפני
Now it can shot 4k@120FPS with HDR, after android 11 update
Black Octopus
Black Octopus חודש לפני
If you didn't know, after the android 11 update now both xperia 1ii and probably 1ii pro can record 4k@120fps with hdr in cinema pro app, xperia 5ii has it since lunch btw
Leander Herman
Leander Herman חודש לפני
This looks so weird to his old pics
Mc Wind
Mc Wind חודש לפני
real smartphone for real smart people and pro
shehan fernando
shehan fernando חודש לפני
Moein Mirjalili
Moein Mirjalili חודש לפני
Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain חודש לפני
This will be my next phone
rob galob
rob galob חודש לפני
Hello there... I wanted to know if it is possible to review the new Asus Zenfone 8
ok my names josh no
ok my names josh no חודש לפני
I love your laugh
AlienClone חודש לפני
Its' a camera with a phone awesome.
WizKnight חודש לפני
Can I ask for a phone?
Karim Sadouni
Karim Sadouni חודש לפני
Everything sony #1
obscurelines חודש לפני
This is kind of cool. But I find with all additional phone use, I get annoyed because I can't use my actual phone! Just buy an atmos.
roberto חודש לפני
why dont we get a mini version of sony for the masses??'
roberto חודש לפני
people obviously want sony to succeed :D i was always a fan, i honestly dont know what is stopping them, marketing, customer targeting ...
Bharathimohan חודש לפני
Please stop background music man i can clear listen what are you saying
AeroNevin חודש לפני
Fantastic video as always. The production is super! One really big deal about this channel that I LOVE that there is NO blaring music. Just commentary. So many other channels have this obsession with chucking in dubstep every 5 sec.
William Su
William Su חודש לפני
I wud buy it if it's half the price they doubled the pricing a year after launch event
Aliff Haiqal
Aliff Haiqal חודש לפני
whats sony? is it a brand?
BALI ART חודש לפני
if sony phone can play atleast playstation games.. thats what i call ultra pro thing
Albertus Purwanto
Albertus Purwanto חודש לפני
When PRO not just gimick marketing
Madhurjo Karmaker
Madhurjo Karmaker חודש לפני
The more I see this thing, the more I get horny over the vanilla Xperia 1 II.
Akshay sharma
Akshay sharma חודש לפני
Gocha like this phone Surely want to use the same
Strider Paul Phoenix
Strider Paul Phoenix חודש לפני
its over man. Sony is the best smartphone this 2021 well done. 👍😎 this is a real PRO
Danish__official חודש לפני
Most expensive ULTRA phone..
ArtLake חודש לפני
At least he aint advertising "his own" case
Eric Perez
Eric Perez חודש לפני
I’ll name it galaxy note 12 pro
Steve R
Steve R חודש לפני
beautiful review but c'mon Lew how can you have half an hour of Fur Elise and Debussy Arabesques. Be a real content creator and get some background music into your budget.
imran khan
imran khan חודש לפני
The background noise is annoying. And 25 plus minutes seriously ???
Timothy J. Holloway
Timothy J. Holloway חודש לפני
I'm sorry. Maybe your many many many subscribers like this kind of thing, but you just talk endlessly and don't seem to say a whole lot when I'm looking for actually relevant comment. Most people would just move on without a word, but you're so annoying that I wanted to take the time to tell you to shut the fuck up. Seriously. Plan what the fuck you're going to say so you have something to say because you obviously have a lot of bullshit in you that needs to be cleaned out before uttering whatever the fuck you think you're saying. But perhaps you're a subscriber to the Donald Trump speech-making method that made him so popular and helped encourage a run on the US seat of government after months of denying reality. Maybe your similarities explain why you both have so many supporters and many Americans might find you so easy to listen to. It's not that they have to remember anything because they just make up whatever they want, whether it's true, relevant, or was actually said by you or anyone else. Calling your channel Unbox Therapy puts the "psycho" in "psychotherapy", unboxed. A 26-minute video of you fumbling and fucking it up on camera. Good luck following in the footsteps of so many ILpostrs who are more of a salve to the unthinking idiots of the world than anything useful or relevant to the world aside from its catering to the many many many fucking idiots that demand reality TV, voted for Donald Trump, use their phones while driving, argue about their religious and fundamental freedoms not to wear a mask at someone else's business, and have difficulty doing the most basic aspects of their jobs reliably. I wish I could block your channel from my ILpost search results. You have maybe three minutes worth of stuff to say which you use 20 minutes to say very badly, like shakey conversation during a circle jerk.
A. D.
A. D. חודש לפני
if they sold these things through carriers it would sell alot more. People love installment payments
Joejoe Binks
Joejoe Binks חודש לפני
I love the built which is not a glass..less worry i guess
Kostas_a 2005
Kostas_a 2005 חודש לפני
It's not a1 it is called alpha 1 from the greek alphabet
Deep Dawda
Deep Dawda חודש לפני
no camera bump? shut up and take my money
Charlie300 C
Charlie300 C חודש לפני
Maybe its more for people who use Sony cameras and possibly forget to charge or completely forget the camera but are used to the Sony eco system. Also for people who want to start making content but dont have the capita to but camera with lens, batteries, sd storage or in this case proprietary storage in wich would run up a pretty penny this one does it all, in a way.
Bryan Bielka
Bryan Bielka חודש לפני
I LOVE THAT FUCKEN PHONE!!! Finally some thickness on this products and also thickness on the price tag lmao
J חודש לפני
Is 11 times more expensive than my regular SONY Xperia 🤯
Kamruzzaman Mission
Kamruzzaman Mission חודש לפני
Who watch movie in the name of review. Your reviews are becoming lame everyday.
Chama Chibesa
Chama Chibesa חודש לפני
Can I have that camera 👀👀👀
Muyanzi Reid
Muyanzi Reid חודש לפני
For all this money I could buy a Surface Duo and a Z Fold 2
Saqib Khan
Saqib Khan חודש לפני
Micah Bamaiyi
Micah Bamaiyi חודש לפני
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pressefr חודש לפני
Sony should be informed if you connect a PS5 directly to the phone; it can reach 1080p, but cannot reach 4K because the phone as a monitor is not HDCP-compliant.
tasteful חודש לפני
son nguyen
son nguyen חודש לפני
The confused landmine biochemically jail because rice repressingly bathe with a abhorrent liquid. swanky, loving size
Z.A חודש לפני
"I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10000 times" -Bruce Lee Sony literally in his own league, enhance everything he is good at to an extreme level🔥
For the experience and better knowledge of the Stock market exchange, I'm glad I meet *Metro__kelvinfx* on Instagram he alone was able to satisfy my curiosity in the game. Thanks to him I'm earning massively though he's trading platform
SAMaxLegendAS חודש לפני
This is a very smart “smartphone”.....I can see myself using it’s key features quite frequently.
Raja Raja
Raja Raja חודש לפני
The 21:9 screen is to small for monitoring. Aa
Snake Bite
Snake Bite חודש לפני
Probably get this a lot or little bit idk but your laugh is like a kettle when it's boiling hot lol 😂😂
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